Fallbrook Brings the Charm of Community Back to Lincoln

It’s a return to the days when community was king…a world filled with traditional family values, quiet tree-lined streets, and shopkeepers who know your name…a real estate development where character and quality abound.

It’s Fallbrook.  Lincoln’s unique business and residential neighborhood.  A place that is timeless in quality and convenience.

A community development with a small-town feel and big-city convenience, Fallbrook is situated on 700 beautiful acres that will seamlessly integrate 1,000 single-family homes and 120 townhomes with a 500,000-square-foot office park and 122,000-square-foot retail center when completed.

Reawakenening the charm and practicality of neighborhoods of the past, Fallbrook brings to life many of the principles of New Urbanism, a popular design movement inspired by communities developed prior to World War II.  Aesthetic and functional in design, Fallbrook brings dramatic, yet practical solutions to the congestion and depersonalization of conventional suburban living. 

Hailed by many as the most important planning movement of this century, New Urbanism communities create walkable, mixed-use neighborhoods rich in diversity and architectural style.

Weaving beauty and human comfort to form a unique sense of place, these communities put people, not automobiles, first in priority.  Homes, common areas, workplaces, shops, schools, and recreational areas vital to the daily lives of residents are all placed within walking distance of each other to minimize stress and maximize community.  Streets are shaded by rows of trees and designed to slow traffic.  Parking lots are relegated to the rear of buildings, usually accessed by alleys.  All to maintain an attractive and pedestrian-friendly atmosphere.

Designed to nourish the human spirit as well as today’s modern lifestyle, the Fallbrook community will offer residents scenic and healthy living spaces, plus an abundance of trees, streams, wide-open green space, and common areas to give people of all ages a place to play and relax.  Rock-lined waterfalls and brooks will create the beauty of nature within the city.  A trail system will loop through the community to give homeowners the chance to make a relaxing stroll or healthful walk or run a part of their daily life. 

Village shops designed to meet the needs of the community will lie within walking distance of homes.  Deliberately incorporated into the historic architectural styles of the residences, these businesses will give Fallbrook residents unrivaled convenience and the advantage of shopping in smaller, customer-friendly stores whose local owners are involved in their community.

Blending old and new together with dynamic results, Fallbrook will offer residents integrity and an important sense of identity with a mix of classic housing types like Arts and Crafts, Prairie Style, Tudor Revival and Colonial Revival.  Together, these distinctive and time-honored styles provide a change from conventional suburban “one-size-fits-all” homes.

Promising a better overall quality of life, Fallbrook will deliver a wide range of benefits to its residents: higher, more stable property values, decreased driving and traffic congestion, healthier lifestyles with more walking and less stress, better opportunities to get to know others in the neighborhood, and more freedom and independence for children and the elderly in getting to jobs, recreation, and services without the need for a car or someone to drive them.

Conveniently located in Northwest Lincoln, just north of U.S. Highway 34 between 1st Street and N.W. 12th Street, Fallbrook is just a heartbeat away from the heart of Lincoln and minutes from the Lied Performing Arts Center and varied dining experiences in Lincoln’s downtown and historic Haymarket areas.  Fallbrook is near schools, churches, grocery stores, swimming pools, golf courses, and movie theaters.  It’s a short drive from major interstate and highway systems and the Lincoln airport.

Available for purchase, Fallbrook townhomes and single-family homes are offered in a range of prices, from $250,000 to $700,000.  Homebuyers may select a lot and a builder or choose from the selection of homes already completed.

To learn more about building the home of your dreams or the availability of lots, please call Jayne Debus at 402-432-9555.  For additional information, visit the Fallbrook web site at

It’s convenience like no other.  It’s the chance to live, work, and play without the burden of long commutes.  It’s Fallbrook.

Inspired by the past, built for the future, it’s where you want to be.